Franchises & Associations

Benchmarking for Franchises and Industry Associations

Undertaking benchmarking projects can greatly support franchises, industry bodies and associations to learn more about their members and thus, improved services provided. Our benchmarking projects enable you to design your own internal or external benchmarking projects specific to your organisation needs. We offer many types of benchmarking, all designed to drive continuous improvement for your small business members and/or stakeholders.

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Benchmarking: Benefits for Franchises

The franchise model has become an increasingly popular business model for Australian entrepreneurs looking to access an instant business. The model is likewise highly desirable for successful business owners seeking to expand their retail, hospitality and services locations across the nation. However, as a franchise grows, it is vital to ensure the correct franchise systems are in place to enable the franchisor to provide a high-level of relevant support services.

Increase the franchise brand competitive advantage

Identify Group-Wide Trends

Encourage Individual Store growth


Increase the Number of Franchisees


Benchmarking: Benefits for Industry Bodies and Associations

Industry bodies and associations provide valuable services for small businesses across Australia. Benchmarking can be a vital tool for associations to monitor and foster industry-wide growth. In addition to driving growth, associations can also utilise benchmarking to provide members with important information about their business performance compared to other similar businesses. This creates additional value for members and, greater insights for your association’s management team.

Member Access to Industry Reports and Insights


Opportunity to Benchmark Members


Custom Designed Benchmarking Projects