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Benchmarking Projects

Our benchmarking software is not only used for business comparisons, we also work industry groups, franchises and governments to create customised benchmarking projects. All our projects are created to enable large and/or diverse organisations to both undertake collection of high-quality data and easily analyse results. This can support organisations to detect positive and negative trends, assess internal and industry strengths and weaknesses as well as identify any stakeholders/members who need additional support. Whilst tackling improvements is important, our benchmarking projects can also identify best practice across an organisation, to support realistic and tangible targets and overall corporate strategies.

Industry associations, franchises and government bodies are also eligible to license our technology platform and The Australian Benchmark Report data for distribution to their stakeholder/members.

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Types of Benchmarking Projects

We have outlined some examples of benchmarking projects below:

Internal Benchmarking

Franchise Benchmarking

Industry Association Benchmarking

Project-Based Benchmarking

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Project Licence

  • Benchmark a particular industry group or sector with access to 140+ industries
  • Customise your own project to benchmark any data set among any industry type
  • Participant on-boarding process management, user training and ongoing support
  • Participation communication workflow management during the project
  • Full data management, analysis and final project reporting
  • Project management process ongoing support
  • Project deployment within 10 business days

Discuss your next benchmarking project with the Partnerships Manager, Vincent Keogh.

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Platform Licence

  • Unlimited access to 140+ pre-existing benchmarks and industry reports
  • Unlimited platform access to multi sites across Australia and New Zealand
  • Administration access to authorise new and existing users in your group sites
  • Brand reports and the Benchmark Suite platform as your own
  • Export and customise reports in Word or Excel
  • Stakeholder training and ongoing platform support
  • Data analysis for complex data sets (limited to 5 per site per month)
  • Platform deployment within 10 business days

Discuss your next benchmarking project with the Partnerships Manager, Vincent Keogh.

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Custom Application Licence

  • Customise the core technology to your scope
  • Develop specific modules such as business valuation, credit rating and forecasting
  • Multi country platform
  • Administration access to authorise users
  • Custom reporting and exporting
  • Platform development to exact scope with dedicated project management

Discuss your requirements with our Partnerships Manager, Vincent Keogh.

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