ATO Benchmarks

The Australia Tax Office (ATO) Benchmarks provide high level useful information for small businesses regarding their business performance. The ATO has access to 1.4 million small business income tax returns, which enables it to develop a series of small business benchmarks. Whilst there are more than 2 million businesses in Australia, the ATO only includes businesses with a turnover range of $30,000 to $15million.


What to Be Aware of When Using The ATO Benchmarks

Whilst the ATO Benchmarks are an important free tool provided by the government, business owners need to be cautious of utilising the information to make strategic decisions. We have listed 5 key areas to consider when reviewing your small business performance.

The ATO Benchmarks Only Provide High Level Financial Results

Performing Outside the Benchmark Does Not Indicate Bad Business Practice

Only Limited Industries Analysed

Results Are Often 2 Financial Years Behind Due to Late Tax Returns

The Results Cannot Be Used to Indicate Business Value

Ato Benchmarks (2)

How Uses the ATO Benchmarks

Our Benchmarking Software undertakes benchmarking analysis reports on more than 100 KPI’s across various business categories; including financial, employee and operational. This means that we can provide highly detailed benchmarking insights into business performance, productivity and profitability. Further, our reports only compare businesses with those of similar size, location and industry.

To support our detailed data, we also utilise the ATO Benchmarking data to give businesses a high-level overview. Combining the ATO general benchmarking results with our detailed insights enables business owners to see how their company is positioned on a greater scale. also recommends client utilise the ATO Benchmarks, via our software, to assess the likelihood of a business audit. With our tool, a business only needs to enter their information once in order to receive both our detailed benchmarking and the ATO benchmarking reports.

Our benchmarking tool further provide businesses with strategic recommendations to drive improvements, industry analysis and a business value. Find out more about what’s included in our Business Benchmark Reports.